Diana C. Parra, MPH, Certified Physical Therapist from Universidad del Rosario in Bogota Colombia and holds a specialization degree in physical activity and health from the same university. Diana obtained her master’s in Public Health with a concentrationin Behavioral Science, Epidemiology and Health Education at Saint Louis University’s School of Public Health. Currently Ms. Parra is a third year PhD student in social work/public health at Washington University in St. Louis, George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Ms. Parra has worked with government and private organizations in both Colombia and the United States, including Fundacion FES Social, Universidad de los Andes, the Distrital Institute for Sports and Recreation of Bogota and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta as an Orise Fellow. Ms. Parra has been coordinating Project GUIA for the past four years. Her main areas of interest include the promotion of physical activity and the implementation and evaluation of community-based interventions, particularly among vulnerable populations. Ms. Parra has over nine years of experience working on physical activity research and promotion and has worked as a researcher in Bogota, Colombia with a focus on projects related to physical activity and the built environment determinants. In her short academic career Ms. Parra has published over 20 publications on physical activity and health promotion.