In Curitiba there is a wide variety of programs and opportunities that are favorable for physical activity practice. The Municipal Sports and Leisure Secretary and the Municipal Health Secretary coordinate and promote most of the public physical activity programs, which are mostly carried out in public parks and recreation facilities.

Curitiba has a unique infrastructure of opportunities for physical activity during leisure time such as parks, squares (smaller parks) bicycling and walking paths. To date there are 18 parks (18,580,617m2), 33 preservation areas (19,251,878m2), and 443 squares (2.750.740m2) dispersed in the 75 neighborhoods of Curitiba. Currently, 27 “Sports and Recreational Centers” are distributed throughout the city. These centers are the settings where organized activities are offered to children, adolescents, adults and older adults. These centers house organized and planned activities offered to children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

The goal of project GUIA was to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the different physical activity promotion strategies implemented in Curitiba with particular emphasis in the program CuritibAtiva, which is an educational and promotional strategy from the Sports Secretary. The evaluation included qualitative and quantitative methods like a cross sectional random digit dialing survey, assessment of physical activity in public recreation spaces using SOPARC. A qualitative evaluation of programs users and developers, the development of a comprehensive logic model and a historical evaluation of physical activity promotion programs in the city.