Build Cross-National Relationships

Establish and build cross-national, collaborative relationships with researchers, practitioners, and institutions in Brazil and Latin America to enhance capacity and determine evidence-based interventions that promote physical activity. To accomplish this aim we will continue to: establish an advisory board team to provide ongoing guidance on the project; identify new partners for the project including other prevention research centers and universities from Brazil and Latin America; develop formal relationships with scientists and practitioners in Latin America; conduct faculty and student exchanges between PRC-StL and partner institutions in Latin America; develop and submit grant applications that involve researchers from PRC-StL and partners in Latin America.

Assess Current Evidence

Update the systematic review of the peer-reviewed and fugitive literature on community-based strategies, conducted in the first funding period of Project GUIA, with a significant focus on external validity. To accomplish this aim we will: refine the systematic review methods from the prior review; update the earlier review based on new literature; expand the scope of the review by conducting an assessment of external validity; and summarize information from the review process.

Understand Gaps & Areas of Priority

Gather additional practice-based evidence to understand gaps and areas of priority in evidence-based physical activity interventions in Brazil. To accomplish this aim we will: conduct a concept mapping with public health practitioners, including those funded by the Ministry of Health; carry out a survey of primary care practitioners in Brazil to understand knowledge and skills as well as the importance they place on counseling of physical activity; and synthesize the data from concept mapping and the primary care survey in order to refine intervention and interaction approaches with public health practitioners and primary care personnel.

Evaluate Projects

Evaluate community-based demonstration projects based on the information gathered from the systematic review, primary care survey and concept mapping. To accomplish this aim we have evaluated two physical activity interventions programs from Brazil, the Academia da Cidade and CuritibAtiva programs. We also assessed external validity through in depth interviews to key representatives from selected programs within the category of “physical activity classes at the community level” including Academia da Cidade from Recife Brazil and Recreovia Activa from Bogota Colombia. We will also conduct an external validity through in depth interviews to representatives from selected Physical Activity Classes interventions from Colombia, Chile and Brazil.

Disseminate the Information

Disseminate the products from Project GUIA to communities, institutions, and public health professionals in Brazil and globally. To accomplish this aim we will develop policy/issue briefs for effective interventions; develop a training manual for early-career investigators based on GUIA methods; evaluate the cross-national collaborative process through the use of methods like Social Network Analysis; develop an e learning platform to disseminate GUIA methods and jointly publish and present results of our collaborations.